• Down and Out in America

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    Winner of the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, Lee Grant's exploration of Reagan-era America takes us from the heartland, where farms that have fed the U.S. for a century are being dismembered by local banks, through the tent-cities of Los Angeles and welfare hotels of New York. A grou...

  • A Father...A Son...Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

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    "The definitive look at the father and son who made Hollywood history." - The New York Lee Grant's portrait of Kirk and Michael Douglas' Hollywood Dynasty is alternatively a celebration, indictment, and fabulous dinner party. This is the kind of film that could only have been created by a confida...

  • What Sex Am I?

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    Academy Award winner Lee Grant's groundbreaking "What Sex Am I?" follows a group of Transgender individuals struggling to make their way in every strata of 1980s America. From finding employment to finding acceptance, the first question the world forces them to ask is always, "What Sex Am I?" Mad...

  • When Women Kill

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    Academy Award winner Lee Grant's acclaimed film explores life inside several women's prisons across the United States and the circumstances that led to the incarceration of various inmates. Grant focuses on women convicted of crimes ranging from drug abuse to first degree murder, their families, ...

  • The Willmar 8

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    Lee Grant's feature length directorial debut follows eight women in America's heartland who are driven by gender discrimination to picket the bank where they work, in the dead of a Minnesota winter. Risking jobs, friends, family and their place in the community, the Willmar 8 began the longest ba...

  • Battered
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    Academy Award winner Lee Grant's acclaimed portrait of domestic violence in American Homes. A powerful if harrowing step inside life lived in constant fear of the people closest to you. Grant explores every angle, from time with the people who have escaped, succumbed to, or continue to live with ...

  • 20th Century Woman: The Complete Collection

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    The Complete Collection and bonus features.

  • Wallowitch & Ross: THIS MOMENT

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    Shortlisted for the 1999 Academy Award, this non-fiction musical follows composer John Wallowitch, a star of New York cabaret and partner Bertram Ross, Martha Graham's lead dancer for 20 years and co-director of the Graham Company. Together they formed the unforgettable cabaret duo "Wallowitch an...

  • Someone to Love

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    Orson Welles gives his final onscreen performance in this Un Certain Regard Cannes Official Selection from independent legend Henry Jaglom. A film director's puzzled search for romance and his attempt to find out why life hasn't worked out quite like anyone expected it to features a starry cast o...